How A Personal Microloan Can Help Your Business

  People utilize personal loans for a number of reasons, such as consolidating debts, paying for a medical debt or for costly auto repairs. But there is something else the average consumer needs to know: a personal loan can be used for your small business. Despite the label, a personal loan could just be what is needed to maintain your business. The personal microloan can be used for certain expenses such as: • Inventory • Equipment (things like printers, tools, copiers, manufacturing equipment, cubicles, etc.) • Office space (either to purchase or rent) • Marketing and advertising (digital, promotions, print, etc.) For any type of business expense, if your business does not have the extra capital but needs cash to grow, then a personal microloan is a feasible option. Small Business Loan vs. Personal Loan Most small businesses that require necessary funds in order to grow their business typically search for a small business loan. This makes sense as a small business loan is generally b